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Life in the First Century Book Series...

    The VI Hours is the second book in the Trilogy series on the life of Christians in the first century. If we live and the Lord wills, we are planning on publishing Book 1 and Book 3.    

    Book 1 follows the same character, Anthony, in the earlier part of his life, as he grows up in Jerusalem and later moves to Rome with his family and a few of his friends. He learns about God’s plan of reconciliation, and how that from the creation of Adam and Eve, up until Jesus’ death, God was preparing the human race for all that would happen because of the six hours on the cross.

    This second book, ‘The VI Hours’ is about Anthony when he is an adult, and it records his response to the Apostle Paul’s convicting letter to the believers in Rome. The fellowship of believers in Rome is stirred to consider how they can be crucified with Jesus. Anthony later has a dream where he experiences the six hours of Jesus’ crucifixion, which changes his life forever.

    Book 3 continues Anthony’s life story and his remarkable journey to Jerusalem, then back through Ephesus and what was then called Asia, and his return to Rome as an old man. When he leaves Ephesus, he is carrying scrolls containing the Apostle John’s controversial Revelation letter back to his family and friends in Rome.

    During Anthony’s life he has seen the powerful pouring out of God’s love in the early days, where all believers everywhere were united as the one family of God. However, at the end of his life he is burdened by the pride and selfishness of the Christians, and the man-made religion that has divided the family of God throughout the Mediterranean area.

    What can we learn from Anthony’s experiences throughout his life?

    How does the life of the first century Christians impact us today?
    The divisions that Anthony witnessed towards the end of the first century have continued right up to the present. However, we believe that it is possible for Christians today to regain the love, devotion, self-sacrifice and unity that the early Christians once experienced.

    If a devotion to reading the Apostle’s letters, and listening to God’s voice and message in those letters, worked for the Christians in the first century, we believe that it can work for us today! If we listen to other people’s ideas and interpretations, then God’s voice and message can be watered down, modified, and muted.

    If we humbly read and listen to the Apostle’s letters, and then read and listen again, and continue to read and listen, God will change our life.

    Are you ready? We pray that you are.

    Share the journey with us.

    God bless you!


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